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Tuscan Tile Murals


Create a unique space in your home or office with one of our beautiful tuscan tile murals. We offer a wide selection of artwork to choose from.

Our tuscan tile murals are individually handcrafted and made to order, using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Our tile murals are sure to create an amazing focal point in any room of your home.

Below is a small selection of the tuscan tile murals we produce. If you'd like to see other tuscan designs, please view our entire collection of tuscan tile mural designs.

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"Tuscan Poppy Villa" by Joanne Margosian - tuscan tile mural
"Tuscan Poppy Villa"
Joanne Margosian

Design: JM070
Other designs by Joanne
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"Olive Groves" by Tisha Whitney - tuscan tile mural
"Olive Groves"
Tisha Whitney
Design: POV-TWA003

Other designs by Tisha

"Tuscany Forever" by Mikki Senkarik - tuscan tile mural
"Tuscany Forever"
Mikki Senkarik
Design: MSA065
Other designs by Mikki

"Tuscany I" by John Samson - tuscan tile mural
"Tuscany I"
John Samson
Design: OB-JOS01
Other designs by John

"Tuscan Arch" by Angelica Di Chiara-Hardin - tuscan tile mural
"Tuscan Arch"
Angelica Di Chiara-Hardin
Design: ADCH009
Other designs by Angelica

"Through the Meadow II" by Wilder Rich - tuscan tile mural
"Through the Meadow IIl"
Wilder Rich
Design: OB-WR3043
Other designs by Wilder

"Southern Exposure II" by Francesca Martinelli - tuscan tile mural
"Southern Exposure II"
Francesca Martinelli
Design: FMA002
Other designs by Francesca
"Tuscan Tavern" by Ginger Cook - tuscan tile mural
"Tuscan Tavern"
Ginger Cook
Design: GCS021
Other designs by Ginger
"Tuscan Villa" by Joanne Margosian - tuscan tile mural
"Tuscan Villa"
Joanne Margosian
Design: JM013
Other designs by Joanne

"Hills of Tuscany" by Mikki Senkarik - tuscan tile mural
"Hills of Tuscany"
Mikki Senkarik
Design: MSA012
Other designs by Mikki
"Red Poppy Road" by Joanne Margosian - tuscan tile mural
"Red Poppy Road"
Joanne Morris
Design: JM078
Other designs by Joanne
"Golden Landscape" by C. H. Ching - tuscan tile mural
"Golden Landscape"
C. H. Ching
Design: CHC068
Other designs by Ching

View our entire collection of tuscan tile mural designs.

Suitable for Every Room in Your Home

Our tile murals make great kitchen backsplashes, shower enclosure murals, home décor and accent murals, or floor murals.  You can even have your mural mounted and framed by a local frame shop to hang as other fine artwork.

Selection of Tile Bodies and Finishes 

Each of our tuscan tile murals is available on our Ceramic, Tumbled Marble or Glass tiles. Each of these tiles will give the artwork a different look.  The right tile to use is basically dependent on what type of look that you’re going for. 

Our ceramic tile murals are vibrant with crisp colors, and lots of detail.  Our tumbled marble tile murals are more rustic looking with softer colors, distressed tile edges and slightly less detail.  Our glass tile murals are vibrant with lots of detail as well, but have the artwork infused on the underside of the tiles, which totally protects it from wear and abrasion. 

Sizes and Pricing

Each of our tile bodies is available in a several different sizes.  Please refer to our Tile Sizes and Styles page for the different tile sizes currently available.   

We have some common tile mural sizes listed on our Common Sizes and Prices page.  We'll be more than happy to produce a custom size tile mural for you.  Simply let us know what the measurement of your space is and what type of tile you want to use.  We’ll do our best to accommodate your needs. We can create an online proof for you to see how your mural will look before you make a purchase.

Quick Shipping

We offer quick shipping on all of our tuscan tile murals. Even though every tile mural we produce is custom made, orders are shipped within 6-10 days. All of our murals are shipped via FedEx Ground and are fully insured.

100% Quality and Satisfaction Guarantee

The quality and craftsmanship of our tuscan tile murals is second to none.  All of our tile murals are backed by our 100% Quality and Satisfaction Guarantee.  In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied, simply return your mural for a full refund of the purchase price (less shipping and handling charges).

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our products or if we can be of assistance to you.